Don't launch unwanted Windows apps instead of macOS apps

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  1. RoyLeban


    Parallels creates app shortcuts for every single Windows app in the "Windows 10 Parallels Application" folder. This is very annoying and obnoxious, and the result that is that opening a document might open a Windows app instead of the correct Mac app. When I don't even have the VM running (which is most of the time), this means I have to wait for Parallels to start, Windows to boot, etc., before I can resume what I was doing. As I said, very annoying.

    I NEVER want to launch an app like the Windows version of Microsoft Word instead of the Mac version. I don't want to launch Edge to open an HTML file. Etc. If, for some reason, I want to launch Windows Word or Edge, I will do so manually. I can't uninstall Edge and I have Office installed in my VM only for occasional compatibility checks, plus Publisher and Access which are Windows-only My workaround for this problem is to lock the Windows 10 Parallels Application folder after deleting the 60+ apps I never want to launch (bear in mind, this is for a Windows VM that has almost nothing installed on it, it's astounding that there are so many apps). This is probably true of every Parallels customer. After all, the entire reason for buying Parallels is to also run Windows on a Mac, not to replace their Mac. None of your customers are primarily Windows users -- they would have just bought a PC instead!

    The solution is to let users select which app shortcuts are created, and default to Off for all applications except for a very small number (e.g., Windows Settings, Microsoft Store); users should be able to turn the shortcuts for those apps off too.

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