Don't start making a snapshot when Return is hit

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    I think this only concerns Japanese users. I have a snapshot made at regular intervals. The ability to do so is a very important feature of Parallels Desktop for me. However, I primarily work in the Japanese environment. When you type Japanese, you are constantly hitting the Return key to confirm the choice of Chinese characters. Now, too often, the box asking me if I want to proceed and make a snapshot pops up split seconds before I hit the Return key, so that, before I know it, Parallels suspends all activities and start making a snapshot, disrupting my work for minutes on end. So what I request desperately is not to link the OK button of that window with the Return key. Make it necessary (or give us the option to make it necessary) to click on the button so that Parallels won't accidentally start making a snapshot when we are racing against the clock. Furthermore, a Snooze button will be highly useful, so that we can control when Parallels will attempt to make a snapshot next (for example, 3 hours from now).

    I hope to see this feature implemented some time soon.

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    Takuo Yasuda

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