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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by abrunson, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. abrunson


    i was a happy user of the parallels 2.x version on macosx 10.4 now i'm upgrading to macosx 10.5 leopard, so i'm also upgrading to parallels 3.x

    in the preferences window for parallels 2.x, on the Appearance tab, there used to be a preference called "Show applications in Dock." i unchecked that, because i don't want windows applications in my dock. that checkbox is no longer there in version 3.x, but i still don't want windows apps in my mac dock. is there a way to turn that off?

    sorry if this is a FAQ ... i googled for it, checked the last few posts here, and so on
  2. abrunson



    well, wouldn't you know it ... post the question and find the answer on my own, every time.

    the answer is that this preference has moved to the per-vm settings. start at the parallels Edit menu, then "Virtual Machine", then "Shared Applications." There's a field called "Show in Dock:" which you can set to "Never."
  3. petzl


    Thank You, ABrunson!

    I looked for hours for "Show Applications in Dock" having noticed it was
    apparently missing after the 5560 build update.

    First i thought theyd just "gotten rid of it" but then then realized they
    had to have "buried" the functionality it somewhere...

    unfortunately, my problem was: you cant access the Edit | Virtual Machine information
    if the VM itself is running! why would they make this function only visible when
    the VM is running? why, god, why ?

    if a particular option CAN be changed on-the-fly, while the VM is running, it SHOULD
    be available while the VM is running. unless an option is egregiously inconvenient,
    noones going to stop their VM, change the option, then restart the VM. nor are they
    going to tweak or experiment if each tweaking means a shutdown/restart. sure,
    first setting up memory or virtual disks, i can see VM needs to be halted. but UI tweaks??

    very odd.
  4. John@Parallels


    Functionality will be changed in Parallels Desktop version 4 exactly as you described

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