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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by junketer, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. junketer

    junketer Junior Member

    Hi everyone.

    I am considering switching from PC to an iMac & am trying to get my head around everything. It has become obvious that i will still need to use Windows as most of the software applications i use in my work are only available for Windows only.

    The thing i want to know is through Parallels, can I download Microsoft software applications & updates for existing applications, through Safari (on Mac OS X) and then shift them over to Windows, without having to connect through Internet Explorer in Windows to do it?

    The reason i ask is if i have to connect to the internet through IE, I presume i will still need to run an Anti-Virus programme. I have heard through many sources that you dont need to run any Anti-Virus whatsoever on a Mac.

    I'm not sure exactly how this Parallels thing works yet, so any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins Forum Maven

    when you set up a VM it becomes a WinXP Sp2 clone with all its disadvantageas and advantages

    so standard good housekeeping still applies

    AVG or a free trial ante virus
    Windows firewall or better

    ante spyware

    check disk
    Kaspersky Internet security is a free trial or Norton in the

    Windows is windows is windows

    A VM shares the hardware but behaves like any other (turing) machine of that flavour

    Hugh W
  3. pewe

    pewe Bit poster

    This is exactly what I do most of the time. I use firefox on the mac side to surf the web and also to make downloads for my windows virtual machine. It is a matter of just drag 'n drop to transfer downloaded programs to the windows vm.

    I am still running a virus scanner on the windows side (in on demand mode) as a download may still contain malware for the windows side even if I download using the mac.

    You may even consider turning off any network access for the windows vm, or perhaps one of your windows vms, as parallels makes it very easy to have different installations of windows on your machine.

    I always keep such a fresh windows vm on a exernal harddisk as a backup. This way it takes only a few minutes to install (or better copy) a 'fresh' windows. This has already saved me a lot of time.
  4. belizegal

    belizegal Bit poster

    Oh Boy

    Ok, I have been reading and reading about Parlalles.
    I guess I learn way better by doing than reading so I guess I'll just go ahead and get Paralles and see for myself.
    Are there any tips anyone can think of for someone who knows NOTHING about what she is about to do? haha
    I am totally new to the mac world and I know as soon as I get over this hump I'll love it.

    Thanks for any tips!!

  5. joem

    joem Forum Maven

    Microsoft update and Windows update must be run from Windows using Internet explorer.

    IMHO, it is safe to do this as long as the Microsoft site is all you access with IE. Most of the malware that gets in to a Windows machine comes in through spam email, attachments from the clueless, and rogue web sites.

    Don't use email, and visit only trustworthy web sites (such as the Microsoft site, and device vendor sites, and major software companies) and you should be much safer than average.

    A good firewall, preferably an external firewall router is a VERY good idea.

    Nothing in this life is perfect though, so I take no responsibility if you turn out to be an exception.
  6. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins Forum Maven


    email is fine
    just use a standard ante- virus set up
    AVG freebie
    of a free trial

    good house keeping is the same for all windows machines

    illegal file sharing can be very dangerous too

    my teen daughter's Win XP machine ended with 200 or more pieces of malware and slowed to a halt and the hd neeeded afromat

    she is getting a Mac Book now :)

    Hugh W

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