Dragging / Resizing windows in Coherence mode is super laggy

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Tim36, Aug 1, 2023.

  1. Tim36

    Tim36 Bit poster

    I'm using Coherence for Windows 11, generally with Stage Manager (though the same problem exists anywhere with Coherence). When trying to drag a window, resize the window, the performance is absolutely terrible. The window will very slowly side around the screen for several seconds after I have released the mouse button. I often need to resize windows in Windows to see how the resize affects the page (the app is not a web browser).
    The performance is fine when not using Coherence mode. I've turned window snapping off in Windows 11.
    I'm on a M2 mac.
    Is there anything I can do to get drag, resize performance up when still using Coherence?
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  2. Email4R

    Email4R Bit poster

    Same problem here. Hope Parallels will fix this odd soon.
  3. teton-ac

    teton-ac Bit poster

    @Tim36 what version of PD are you using? I have the same issue, currently running the latest update of PD17.x.
  4. PaulH51

    PaulH51 Bit poster

    I have a new computer and didn't notice this issue before on my intel iMac. I think I was running v17.X I also used a M2 MacBook Air for a short while and didn't notice however I may not have noticed since it had only 8gb of ram and there were other bigger issues. I'm currently using PD19.1 in Sonoma 14.1 and Stage Manager ON with an M2 Mac Studio 64GB with two 4K displays. I've tried stage manager on and off, and various resolution, memory and other performance setting in Parallel's option menus and nothing makes a dragging windows any better. Outside this annoying issue, Parallels runs fast and flawless for my intended use.
  5. ChrisT35

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    Is anyone having problems using Excel in Coherence mode? I use multiple desktops on the same screen and all my excel windows show up on all the desktops. Additionally, when using stage manager, excel doesn't obey any of the rules. Excel windows just stay on the screen when I am working in other programs.

    This started last year when stage manager was introduced, and it is only Excel that has the issue. Every other program works properly (Word, PowerPoint, Quickbooks, etc.)

    I've been hoping that an update would fix it and I just updated today, but it is still not working properly.

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