1. mmshicks

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    I'm a first time user of PD. After installing 3.0 version of PD, I prepare to install Win XP SP2. I get past the Win product code entry and, evidently, Win XP begins to install. I see a command line interface appear and a few cursory messages about installing windows, then all of a sudden I see the message "click inside OS Window to capture mouse". I click into the window and, like a dummy, I think the installation has frozen. A few minutes later, I thought all was lost so I stopped everything, uninstalled PD, took out the Win XP disk, reinstalled PD, and reinserted the disk, all to try to start the process over again.

    All I see now is this command line interface screen saying to me "Boot from hard drive..." I hear the machine running (sounds more like the HD than the CD).

    How do I tell if the program is installing? Is this a FUBAR that I will have to uninstall and reinstall again? How will the system act when the XP installation is finished?

    Moronically yours,

  2. kristianmartin

    kristianmartin Member

    Are you setting up a bootcamp partition?
  3. ScottyV

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    Windows XP Pro SP2 Does not fully install

    I am having an identical problem. I read something about booting from a boot disk version of windows, but I don't know what that means nor really do I want to do that. This thing should work. I have brand new macbook pro fully updated. I have Parallels 3.0 installed, then uninstalled and then reinstalled and same problem again. I was going to call the company but they charge you $30 per call and I was told it was more of a marketing thing that just refers you here.

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