dvb-t usb black screen in xp virtualization

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by drax, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. drax

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    i have a macbook pro c2d ati x1600 with xp on boot camp .
    when i plug my dvb-t usb device(yakumo/avermedia) it's like a terratec cinergy , parallels desktop 3.0 recognizes it with parallels tools, but i can't see any channel tv on xp virtualization when i run the sofware dvb-player, i have only a black screen.
    is it normal?

    i have no problem on xp with bootcamp

  2. rastaman99

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    the same problem, too


    HW: macbook with intel gma 950 all onboard
    video driver: only pd v3 (parallel tools) video driver works (system wont have the "macdriver for windows-intel graphics driver/tools"

    i use the pd v3 4560 - with the yakumo/avermedia usb dvb-t box
    -- installation no problem
    -- tv receipt-strengthens is really good,

    but there is no picture, only the sound comes every 2 minutes for 1-2 seconds

    -- parallel video driver is in use and
    newest directX update (july2007) has been succefully driven, also directX acceleration is ON and functionally (dxdiag)

    -- i think there is a problem with wine3d that pd v3 is using

    -- hopefully there will be in update or another solution, soon.


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