DX11 Issues Running Games

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by MattD8, Apr 6, 2020.

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    After some much needed help please with Parallels 15... I am currently using the trial software looking to upgrade to play games on the PC side using DX11.

    After recent install I have found my setup will run perfectly with using a previous version of rFactor game, the DX9 Beta file. I notice the video settings get pulled from folder rFactor 2\UserData\Config.ini. No issues.

    If I update rFactor to the latest software running DX11 the game doesn't run past the Launcher menu. I notice all my Video setup has changed and pulls info from rFactor 2\UserData\Config_DX11.ini. It's here I notice my video card is no longer being located in the games settings, therefore the reason the DX11 install doesn't work, or so I am to believe.

    I run the game through Parellels 15 on a iMac which states you can play DX11 games.... again, game works great in DX9 beta!

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