eComStation 1.2R and a few issues

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Maurilio, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Maurilio

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    Hi all,

    I've successfully installed eComStation 1.2R (so called media refresh) italian version on build 3188 of parallel.

    It works ok, but I'd like to ask a couple of questions:

    first, is there any real advantage in installing parallel tools provided network driver? (right now I've used the rtl8029 that comes with eCS);

    second, are there any plans to provide an optimized video driver for OS/2 and/or eCS (they're mostly the same code, but an eCS only driver could be easier to write) given that the video driver is the key component to have a snappy emulation of a graphical system.

    third, I've installed the netware client on eCS but I cannot login to my linux/mars-nwe netware server here at work and I'd like to know whether this is a 'problem' of Parallel or a problem of the network stack of Mac OS X which does not let netware packets go around.

    I can ftp a disk image of this system to the support people if they need an already installed eCS with the netware client to test.

    Overall, I have to say that I like parallel desktop more and more.

    Best regards.

  2. Maurilio

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    there is not a parallel network driver for OS/2, parallel tools cd contains a copy of a standard rtl8029 floppy disk with all available drivers, anyway, albeit slowly, the network works ok.

    The netware client does work, but the network card has to be set to bridged to make it work and connect to the server (if setup as shared, it does not communicate).

    Best regards.

  3. William Snell

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    Regard the realtek8029 driver and nif, the set in the vmtools.fdd are dated 3-07-07 vs 4-29-04; which is the only reason I copied them to \ibmcom\macs. The sizes are the same.

    My VMs are using Snap version 3.1.8 build 505 which is the last one I downloaded via ECSmt. Dated 9-26-06.

    To All:
    I have installed ECS in two VMs on my 17" Dual Core 2(, 2ghz, 160gb HD) Imac. My network is 1 desktop PC and 1 laptop PC plus the iMac.
    I am using a DSL modem/router for the internet and local network.

    Both of the ECS VMs shows all shared drives of the other units. And both PCs show the shared drives of the VMs. In parallels' VM I used bridged networking. My problem is that no shared iMac drives show as network drives on my PCs nor do any PC or VM drives should up in Network folder or My Network folder.

    I have checked for the same domain/workgroup names in all areas. I can ping all PCs, VMs and iMac from each unit. Each operating system can reach the internet via the gateway router.

    I hope someone can suggest a way for me to correct whatever error I am making in setting the iMac network system.

    Thanks in advance

    Bill Snell

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