Edge coming up slowly - "loading" a little too long?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by DonA2, May 18, 2020.

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    I have a pretty fast Mac, running Windows 10 in a VM. I have been getting tired that Edge loads a little slowly - like 5 seconds to bring up a Google home page screen. It's instantaneous on the Mac side, and if I hit refresh in Edge once it opens up and loads, Google refreshes instantaneously there too. I have tried all the tricks - performance tweaks in Windows 10, turn off all the visual candy, no extensions, clear cache, network conditioning at 100% in Parallels, let it run after its closed, you name it. But I finally found an obscure site that mentioned one thing that I did not see anywhere - I tried it, and boom! Edge (the latest Chromium one) comes up INSTANTANEOUSLY! I even turned back on "Let window manage.." for the display eye candy, and loosened some other things I turned off, and it still pops right up! I wanted to post it here in case it helps others.

    • Open Windows Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Proxy. Toggle off "Automatically detect settings and Use a proxy server." Scroll down, click Save.

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