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    I use Internet Explorer 11 at work to access my Macs at home. I wanted to share the following enhancement requests to make the experience easier:

    1. Install Parallels Access as a Service
    Sometimes, a computer needs to be rebooted for whatever reason. If I am accessing my Mac remotely, I cannot restart the machine, because Parallels Access requires that someone log in for the service to run. I would be a much better experience if Parallels Access ran as a service, so that if the Mac needs to be rebooted, one could reestablish access remotely. (Because of security, setting up Auto-Login is not really an option.)

    2. Cross-platform Key Equivalents when using Web Browsers
    When I access my Mac from work using Internet Explorer, I cannot send keyboard-based commands to the Mac. I cannot even cut and paste properly. It would be great if Parallels could both:
    A. Establish equivalent key combinations that could transmit Command+key, Option+key, Control+key, and any combination of those three, including adding Shift+, so that we can send key-based commands using the Windows Keyboard or Mac Keyboard to those applications which require them.
    B. Establish a means using the floating toolbar to send such key combinations to the remote machine.
    Not being able to do this hampers my productivity while working on my remote systems. I do not do the opposite--accessing a PC from a Mac via a web browser, but I wonder if the same limitations apply. It would be great if an elegant solution were developed for this limitation.

    3. Ability to Switch Users without Losing Connection
    Right now, if I am accessing a Mac remotely, if I need to switch users--log in to the system using a different user account, or, use fast-user-switching to switch between two accounts that are currently logged in, my Parallels Access session dies, and I need to reconnect after pausing for a few moments. It would be great if I could do this seamlessly. (I assume that this could be addressed in part by suggestion #1 above.)

    4. Wake Up on LAN
    From a power-saving perspective, I cannot allow any computer I want to access using Parallels Access to go to sleep, or, in the case of Macs, to let them "Power Nap." I can use Apple's Back to my Mac functionality to do a screen share or do file sharing with a Mac that is sleeping, and the Mac will wake up. However, with Parallels Access, a computer that is sleeping will not wake up if I try to access it from access.parallels.com.

    I feel like these problems need to be addressed for Parallels Access to become a fully mature remote access solution.
    Thanks, Kevin
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