Enhancements and requests for tabbed windows (VM Window > Merge All Windows)

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    I primarily use Parallels in tabbed window mode, hopefully there are many other users running into the same issues that I am noticing.
    Here are areas that I would really like to see improved, for a better user experience.
    1. Please make Parallels remember VMs which were tabbed and the order of the VM's tabs, upon opening and exiting the Parallels application (persistent VM window position memory)
      • example: Even though all of my VMs are set to "Startup View: Same as Last Time", however if I close Parallels and open it again, I will see all the VM windows open in separate windows (untabbed/unmerged). It would be truer to the option's description if it remembered tabbed positions
    2. When in tabbed mode, stopping a VM can be done by clicking the "X" to the left of its tab without any confirmations, even though the confirmations are enabled.
      • example: When I right-click to stop VM in the Control Centerl, Parallels will ask me "Are you sure you want to stop "VM".
      • But If I click the X on the tab (sometimes on accident), it will immediately stop and close the VM. This is undesired behavior. I should receive a confirmation even if I click the X on the VM's tab
    3. Please allow merging/tabbing of the VM Snapshot windows. I often switch between snapshots between multiple VMs.
    Thank you.
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