Error in VMWare provider, but things work normally

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by SorenN1, Apr 19, 2024.

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    I get this error in the vdiagent.log / monitor all the time, especially when hosts are provisoned and destroyed but also less frequently when no actions are performed. generally I see no issues, so all works as expected, but just wonderr if issue could be lack of permissions at VM-Ware level ?

    Account provided in the provider is a dedicated account for RAS but with vspherre administrator rights, same where seen when using administrator@vsphere.local. vSphere is 8U2, so perhaps just an isssue in the provider towards this fairly recent vSphere platform ??

    [E 0C/0000100B/T1BFC/P0BF0] 19-04-24 14:51:26 - Failed to query guest '422af4aa-c59e-15ff-98b1-3ca9eb614e12' NIC info
    [E 0C/0000100B/T1814/P0BF0] 19-04-24 15:06:32 - Failed to query guest 'vm-178004' NIC info

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    Umm, VMWare is three doors down. This is Parallels (similar operations, different companies).

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