Error running IBM Iseries on Windows

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by AtibaF, Sep 16, 2022.

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    I've using IBM Series on windows for some time now on other VM software like Virtual Box and now I trying to run IBM Series I get the error on screenshot and have no idea how to troubleshoot as the application works well on other applications. MicrosoftTeams-image.png

    Can anyone help on how to address this issue, which I believe is some setting. I've checked event viewer and found no errors.
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    Type GO LICPGM from any command line.
    Type option 50 (Display log for messages).
    Look for any messages that indicate any PTF activity during the previous IPL.
    Normal PTF processing occurs only during an unattended IPL (initial program load) that immediately follows a normal system end.

    If you did not specify Y for Perform Automatic IPL on the Install Options for PTFs display, verify that the Power Down System (PWRDWNSYS) command was run with RESTART(*YES) and that the key lock position was at normal.

    If an abnormal IPL occurs, some Licensed Internal Code fixes might be installed, but no other operating system or licensed program PTFs are applied. You can look at the previous end of the system status system value (QABNORMSW) to view whether the previous end of the system was normal or abnormal.

    Look for any messages that indicate that there was a failure during the IPL or that indicate that a server IPL is required. If you find any failure messages, do the following:
    Print the job log of the active start-control-program-function (SCPF) job using DSPJOBLOG JOB(000000/QSYS/SCPF) OUTPUT(*PRINT).
    Find the error messages in the spooled file and determine what caused the error
    Fix the errors and re-IPL the system to apply the rest of the PTFs.

    Hope You Find This Useful,
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    currently, i am using windows 10, here is no restriction..

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