Error when Transferring Windows (Vista) PC via External Storage Copy

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    Hello, I am trying to Transfer an Old Windows laptop/PC running Vista, which was something I was able to successfully do with a previous with a previous version of Parallels but am attempting with Parallels 14 Pro version. I have successfully copied the PVM on to the external storage drive but when I point to the folder while stepping through the installation assistant, pointing to the exact "name and location," screen gets an unusual error highlighting the file size being astronomically out of range (memory); from what size it really is, versus what shows up on this particular page (screenshot), to what it's saying is not available from HDD space but in reality the PVM file size is only 191 GB; I have completed the copy in administrator mode (just FYI) on the Windows laptop, and have copied the PVM on my Macbook HDD.

    Has anyone encountered this issue and/or does the Parallels support team know why this is happening? Please help (ASAP)!!

    Thank You!!

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  2. Hi @VishnuP,
    In order to help us investigate the issue better please provide us with the following information:
    1) Try migrating Windows from source PC once again and when Parallels Transporter Agent is done with collecting information about disks collect a tech report as described in this KB: Send us the report ID in reply to this email.

    2) Please clarify if there are any external or network drives connected to the source PC. If yes, try disconnecting everything and migrate Windows once again.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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