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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by soxford47, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. soxford47

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    It asks me to Authenticate... twice, before it will start Windows. Then it starts and doesn't remember that it has been run before... and gives me the "Parallels Tools is initializing" message and puts the window size back to the default value. When I shut down Windows, it asks me to Authenticate again.

    So far none of these problems are doing any serious harm, they're just annoying. It is only happening now that I am running Parallels 4560 off my BootCamp partition. Before, I didn't have BootCamp and Parallels 4128 didn't do any of these things. Does anyone know if there's a way to fix this, and if the problem is the Parallels update or some funkiness resulting from using the BootCamp partition?
  2. johnv

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    Parallels requires your administrator password in order to get R/W access to the bootcamp partition,

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  3. soxford47

    soxford47 Bit poster

    It requires my administrator password two times every time I start the program, and every time I shut down? That seems kinda silly, why can't it use the Keychain like every other program?

    Also, that doesn't explain why it reinstalls Parallels Tools every time I start Parallels.
  4. nerkwa

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    soxford: I noticed this problem also - it was quite annoying. I ended up creating a new VM repointing it to my Bootcamp partition. I still have to authenticate once but its only once :)
  5. Juggernart

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    What ever I've tried, even making a new VM...

    I still have to authenticate TWO times when starting my Boot Camp and ONCE when shuting down.
    It's really annoying.

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