Everything I type is "a"!!

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    I have been trying to type in Windows 10 (Home) running on Parallels Desktop 14 on a Mac Mini running High Sierra, via Parallels Access on an iPad Pro (2018) (physical and onscreen keyboard) and an iPad Mini (5th generation). Regardless of the Windows 10 app (or Windows Vista, for that matter) I use, everything I type is "a".

    I have tried fiddling with keyboard layouts, language settings (I need to have English and Japanese available) and such, but to no avail so far. Using Windows 10 / Vista on Parallels Desktop accessed via Apple Remote Desktop (current version) doesn't have the same problem (everything works fine.)

    Am I missing something?
  2. Hi, could you please provide us with the version of Parallels Access which you're using?
    And also step-by step instructions (how to reproduce this issue) would be much appreciated.
  3. suzukiro

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    Hi! Thank you for your help.

    The versions are:
    iPad: iOS 12.3 / Parallels Access 4.0.4
    Mac Mini: Mac OS 10.13.6 / Parallels Access 4.0.4 / Parallels Desktop 14.1.3 / Windows 10 or Ubuntu 18.04

    Here's what I'm doing:
    I use Parallels Access on my iPad to access my Mac Mini. Everything I type appears correctly (Notes, TextEdit, Safari, etc.)
    I then open Parallels Desktop on the Mac Mini to start a Windows 10 or an Ubuntu 18.04 VM.
    Everything I type, no matter what I type, in the VM becomes "a" For example, if I type "www.google.com" in a browser, it becomes "aaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
    Instead of using Parallels Access, if I access the Mac Mini from another Mac using Apple Remote Desktop 3.9, whatever I type in the Windows 10 or Ubuntu VM are correct.
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  4. Thanks a lot for sharing this info.
    Could you generate the problem report please?
    Please reproduce the issue, create a report right after that and reply us back with the report ID.
    Looking forward to your reply.
  5. suzukiro

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    Hi! Thank you for your response.

    The report ID (from Parallels Desktop) is 312563799, and (from Parallels Access) is 312564543.

    Hope it helps!
  6. Sorry for the misunderstanding, you got this issue with "aaaa" becoming in Parallels Desktop and Parallels Access? Both apps , right?
  7. suzukiro

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    iPad (Parallels Access) -> Mac Mini (Parallels Desktop) -> Windows or Ubuntu -> "aaaaaaa"

    MacBook Air (Remote Desktop) -> Same Mac Mini (Parallels Desktop) -> Windows or Ubuntu-> correct input

    It seems to be a Parallels Access problem...
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  8. Ok then, we need 2 tech reports from Parallels Access. Please check this KB and generate two reports from device which you use to connect your remote computer and from the remote computer also.
    Looking forward to your reply.
  9. suzukiro

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    Here are the Parallel Access reports:
    Mac: 313808206
    iPad: 313808460

    I hope this helps!
  10. Thanks a lot for the provided information.
    We've escalated this issue and all tech info to the Parallels Engineering team, once we receive any updates we will contact you here or via email.

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