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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by MarkusJ, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. MarkusJ


    Dear fellow Excel-Users,
    alt + enter does not insert a line break within a cell. Neither in Excel 2010 nor in Excel 2003 (Guest OS = Windows 7 on Parallels 8).

    My first question goes to everyone: Does alt+enter work on your machines??? Somewhere???

    My second question is harder: Does anyone have a solution for me?

    These line breaks are very important for my Excel work within parallels and I am in the process of migrating several window machines to apple.

    Everything else is working fine with MS Excel and there was no update or something. I reset my keyboard tab shortuts already to default but it doesn't help.

    Any ideas?

    Regards Markus

    For parallels staff: My ticketnr is [Parallels #1500529]
  2. ebartlett


    I too have this problem...I have resolved temporarily by using the on-screen keyboard...When I bring it up the reason is that when I actually press the ALT key it only registers when you let go of the button....I would like a better resolve to this.
  3. RJP0131


    I am not sure if this works all the time, but for me the LEFT alt key works for a line break in the alt+enter command, but not the right one.

    Again, LEFT alt key works (between control and command) but not RIGHT (between command and arrow keys).

    Hope this helps. I only figured this out after getting super frustrated with it and mashing a whole bunch of different key combos.
  4. AaronP2

    AaronP2 Bit Poster

    On the MacBook Pro, the left "alt OPTION" + "enter RETURN" keys will insert a new line.
  5. Josef_A_Halbherr

    Josef_A_Halbherr Bit Poster

    I use a wireless Mac Keyboard and found a solution.

    In the CENTER of the lowest row of the QUERTY keyboard, you find the long TAB key, followed on its immediate right side, by the COMMAND key, on the immediate right side of the Command key follows the OPTION key.

    THAT is the one that works!
  6. AlexanderE4

    AlexanderE4 Bit Poster

    I've still an issue with this very important function for me. in Excel2016 under Windows10 - running as a guest OS under Catalina and Parallels 15 with all updates.
    I've reset also keyword settings but it doesn't work. (under vmware no problem).

    Any idea?
  7. Maria@Parallels

    Maria@Parallels Kilo Poster

    Hi, could you provide us with the step-by-step instruction in order to reproduce the issue on our side.
    Looking forward to your reply.
  8. AlexanderE4

    AlexanderE4 Bit Poster

    is quite not easy to give you a step-by-step intro. Because missing shortcut is a build in function directly in Excel (ALT+ENTER => Start a new line in the same cell.) see also directly at Mircosoft and search for. here my steps:
    1. start Parallels
    2. open Excel under Win10
    3. edit a cell
    4. type in some letters
    5. than press "ALT+ENTER" to get a new line in same cell
    6. !! on my macbook I press OPTION+ENTER but nothing happened
    As you see step 6 is not working for me.


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