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Discussion in 'Parallels Mac Management Feature Suggestions' started by KyleT2, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. KyleT2

    KyleT2 Bit Poster

    With High Sierra's secure kernel extension loading, it looks like if we need to pre-load kext files an apple MDM has to be used. Could the PMM MDM be expanded to allow more MDM-like features instead of just being used for DEP enrollment? I have a number of software that I have to deploy that requires users to allow the kernel extension during install, which prevents me from doing silent deployments, especially for security related softwares.
  2. TimofeyF

    TimofeyF Parallels Team

    Hi KyleT2,

    In the latest release - PMM v7.3.1 - we have added the ability to enable kexts, as well as ability to use signed MDM enrollment profiles.
    We still haven't provided the ability to install applications via MDM, this is in our plans for future releases.


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