Expose socket-based serial port emulation to host

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    Presently with Parallels 16 for Mac, I can setup a socket-based serial port emulation which requires two VMs (a server and a client). If the client VM starts before the server, an error message about the socket being disconnected appears.

    When the server starts, a socket is created under /private/var/folders/<random-two-chars>/<random-chars>/T/port-name which I presume is where it sends its serial data to.

    This feature request has two parts to improve the serial emulation UX:
    1) Permit the socket client VM to be started first, and creating the socket under /private/var/folders. A sender should still be able to attach to it later.
    2) Expose the socket location in the UI to enable the MacOS host to write to it - that way I don't require a whole VM just to send to the socket!

    Right now, there's no I found way to create that socket without starting the socket server VM which is a bit redundant. I want to save resources and write to that socket directly from the MacOS host.

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