Extended Dowload Service: almost offensive

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Parallels User, Jul 13, 2006.

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  2. Andrew @ Parallels

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    We sell online through registration commerce provider RegNow.com (Digital River Company). Extended download service is offered by RegNow, not us. And we can't remove it - it is part of their contract with software vendors. You could uncheck it and buy software without Extended download service - it is up to you.

    From the Parallels side I can acknowledge that all our products will be available for download from Parallels servers any time without any Extended download service.
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  4. akac

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    Almost all providers like RegNow do that. Us developers have little choice unless we do our own merchant accounts, taxes, etc...
  5. constant

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    Seems like there is a ready market here for you pazu. If you want to get into online payments?
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  7. lhlh

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    so to be clear, extended download offers a service that you will do for fee anyway right? to download it again if we lost it. you just don't tell us this right out do you!? is it in the agreement? it should be. i haven't read it :( this need to be pointed out more.


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