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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by MarkL50, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. MarkL50

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    I have an external monitor connected to a Thunderbolt 3 port on a 2019 iMac running Big Sur. Is it not possible to get Parallels to display on the external monitor in such a way that I can interact with it? All I get is the Windows background. Clicking on any of the taskbar icons opens it up in the VM on the iMac. I am running Parallels 17.1.1.

    Maybe I'm missing something as I thought this would be fairly straightforward. Any help appreciated and if more information is required please ask.
  2. MarkL50

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    Man just overwhelmed with the help I've received here! Whew boy!!

    Ticket I opened on support has languished in a similar fashion!

    The bunch at Parallels are a truly class act! Yessir I definitely know where to come when I want to be ignored!
  3. Maria@Parallels

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    Hi, could you collect the technical report once the issue reproduced and post the report's ID here please?
  4. MikhailU@Parallels

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    Hello Mark!
    I've reopened your ticket, our agent will reach out to you shortly.

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