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    Good Day. I'm sure my question rates up there with dumb, and someone will say "read the forums." I have over and over, done that, and still no success on my issue. It's possible I'm missing something. I have: 2016 Macbook 12", running OS Sierra, with Parallels 12, with Windows 10. I have a Western Digital Passport (2 Tb) which is NTSF formatted into 4 partitions; Mac Backup, Mac Storage, Windows Backup and Windows Storage. When I had my 13" Macbook Pro, with Parallels 12, I could connect this external drive and all four partitions appeared on both the Mac and Windows desktops; I have screen share On. I cannot get this to happen on the newer Macbook 12". Parallels installed fine and my desktops are shared, no issue there. It's the connecting of external hard drives, via USB, that is the issue (on a side note, it's always a battle with using external CD units like Apples Super Drive, but I managed to muddle through it). When on the Mac side, I see all four partitions as drives on the desktop, and I can open them. When I go to Parallels and Windows, I cannot see the drives. I will get the message window about do I want to connect the drive to Virtual Machine, but to eject from Mac side first. I eject from Apple side, but cannot open on Windows. I have followed the outline here http://kb.parallels.com/en/123145 and here http://kb.parallels.com/en/117287 and when I get to configure, the ability to Uncheck 3.0 is grayed out, as are some other options. If I close VM and go back into the Configuration, more options are grayed out. I even run into this with simple Sanddisk Contour thumb drives. My goal; to be able to see the drives on both desktops, to certainly be able to access Mac docs on the Mac side, and Windows docs on the Windows side.

    Thanks for any assistance.
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    Was this ever resolved? I'm having a similar issue where I can't access my external HD from Windows 10.

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