External Hard Drive troubles

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by psyck01, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. psyck01

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    I have an external hard drive. It has been partitioned, with one partition in the OSX format and the other left as free space. I am trying and trying and trying to access it through Parallels (the free space part) but it seems to be impossible! I unmount the drive, then tell Parallels to mount it but it says the drive is in use (impossible, it has no data on it, is not running, and has been EJECTED) and then OSX detects it and opens the OSX-format partition. I have gone so far as to erase the entire partition, and designate it all as "free space"- Parallels STILL will not allow Windows to detect it. This really is rather infuriating. I know better than to ask Parallels for help (I have never had a single customer-service enquiry answered, they seem to believe in letting their customers sort things out for themselves, which is unbelievable!!) so I came here. I've been searching for the past half hour and found no solution on the forum. Can anyone help?

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