External LCD not using correct resolution?

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  1. Parallels V 4.0, Macbook Pro (15.4", aluminum), Windows Vista Ultimate, Apple 24" LCD external (LED backlit).

    When I initially connect my Macbook Pro to my Apple 24" external LCD, the resolution on the LCD is correctly set to 1920 X 1200. However, when I boot to Windows Vista in the VM, the resolution is set to 1440 X 900 IF that was the last resolution that I booted to instead of recognizing that the external LCD is 1920 X 1200.

    If I later boot without being connected to the external LCD, the resolution in the VM is still set to 1920 X 1200 and I have to change it to 1440 X 900.

    Any solution to this problem or do I have to continue to change the resolution manually?

    As I recall, in Parallels V 3.0 (latest build), I did not encounter this problem.
  2. Hi jjfcpa@mindspring.com,

    Perform this when your Windows Virtual Machine is turned off.

    Go to Configure => Video => Select the option " Adjust to the Host Computer Screen Resolution in full screen ".

    Start your Windows Virtual Machine and check if this is working fine.

    This should fix the issue.
  3. Thanks for your reply, but I already have Parallels configured that way, but it doesn't seem to respond properly. Never seems to adjust to host machine's resolution.
  4. If this is stump the developer, it appears that they've been stumped!

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