Failed to allocate secified amount of memory

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    When I try to launch Windows XP Pro via Parallels Desktop 3.0 (build 4128) on a Mac Pro 266, 4GB RAM, 4 internal HDs, NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT I get the following error message...

    "Parallels Desktop failed to allocate the specified amount of memory.
    Please restart Parallels Desktop and try again.
    To avoid this problem in the future choose from the menu: Parallels Desktop > Preferences. On the Memory tab select the "Enable virtual memory preallocation" option."

    This error just started for no apparent reason. If I restart my computer Windows launches and runs just fine (except for the failure when dragging single files from Windows to the Mac desktop.) I believe it is the case that this failure to launch occurs after my computer is put in sleep mode and then 'awaken.'

    Has anyone else seen this issue? Should my next troubleshooting step be a reinstall of Parallels? Thanks for any advice.
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    No solution seems to work for me...

    With XP2 loaded on a Mac Pro 2 x 3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon and 16 GB memory (with a Quadro FX 4500 card) I get the same error message, but nothing I do seems to work: restarting parallels, restarting the machine, reinstalling parallels, setting the main memory from 512mb -> 1500mg, Adjusting the memory limit automatically and manually, Enabling and disabling virtual memory preallocation NOTHING.

    Really, really frustrating.

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