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    i use ubuntu 12.04 as host and have Windows 2008 R2 installed as guest with KVM virtualization. Within the Windows 2008 R2 guest runs a 2X ApplicationServer (v11.0). The Windows Terminal Server is fully setup and some applications are published.

    On the host is installed the X2 Client (v11.0). It is possible to connect to the 2X ApplicationServer with the 2x Client, but when I try to start an application (or desktop), an error message pops up saying: 2X Client Session Error - Error 9: TCP/IP connection: failed to open connection. (see attachment).

    Firewalls are disabled and connection with a regular RDP client work flawlessly. Also the Client and Server Logfiles dont reveal any connection errors.

    Does anybody have a clue on this one? Are there any more detailed log files available which might help for finding the cause for the connection issue?

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    Hi and thanks for your post.

    Do you have any certificates enabled, or perhaps NLA enabled? Please try disabling those if so it see if it makes a difference.

    If using the latest version of the 2X Client doesn't make a different please contact support
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    That is certainly not the case, other files 800MB have succesfully been written there since the error occured.

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