Failing to Install Deployed Software

Discussion in 'Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM' started by EKCG, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. EKCG

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    I'm trying to get a couple of basic apps installed but the install on the local machine keeps failing.

    Looking in /Logs/pma_agent.log I see an error of "No suitable download locations found for [content]"

    I've followed this KB but the boundary groups do seem to be set up correctly.

    There is a second error "/HttpServer:71:1b0b/ add_certificate_authority() failed: no start line (151441516)"

    I didn't think I'd need to have certificates set up unless I'm using the Distribution Point to push OS X Updates (which I'm not doing at the moment)

    If somebody could assist I'd be most grateful.

    Thank you.
  2. Sean Huggans

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    Do your DPs allow Anonymous Connections? If not, you need to enable that on your DP for PMM software deployments to work.

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