Fatal Error Occurred In Virtual Machine Monitor

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by bitznbytes, May 24, 2007.

  1. bitznbytes


    Hi, I've got the latest Parallels installed and running on VISTA as the HOST OS. When I try and run Parallels no matter what VM I run it gives me the following error:

    Fatal Error Occurred In Virtual Machine Monitor

    Any suggestions?
  2. zixus


    I have the same exact problem on a Dell AMD 64 X2 3800 with 1 GB RAM and XP Home SP2 as a host. The machine is pristine with no AV and a fresh, fully patched XP install. I loaded the same exact software on an older non OEM P4 with 512 RAM and XP Pro SP2 and it works flawless. Go figure.

    What kind of hardware are you running?

    Hasn't anyone else run across this problem?
  3. LV69


    Error in virtual machine

    I have recently upgraded to Parallels 3.0 and have had the same problem on my Intel Mac OSX, with latest upgrade to 10.4.10.

    Other applications on the mac were open and Parallels launched itself with the error and send report to Parallels dialogue box. I sent the report, that was yesterday so yet to have any feedback.

    Anyone with a fix? Is the Parallels compressor or tools to be reinstalled with 3.0?


  4. titetanium


    To add insult to injury, I too have been bit. The specs are windows 2000 vm on debian linux host. I have sent a report about this twice and have not received a reply from support.

    However...... I did manage to get this fixed. Don't bother trying to reinstall your vm(s). They are safe. The problem, after much debugging and trial and error, has to do with the parallels vm-rtc driver trying to hook the host's rtc driver. I had an option called LAPIC enabled, and this caused the virtual machine monitor to fail/crash consistently. Turning LAPIC off (I did this on the kernel line when booting with grub) got parallels working without any loss of data on my existing vm.

    A side effect from the kernel recompile that I recently attempted: I patched the vanilla kernel with the force_hpet patch and enabled the hpet to hook the linux rtc, thus turning off the interrupt to the host rtc. This prevented parallels from hooking the host's rtc, you'll get a warning prompt telling you of this, but it runs fine with no perceptible loss in speed, AFAICT.
  5. MrTsukaeru


    After a whole lot of trying to get any kind of support from these guys, I finally get an email

    Umm...where does it say anything about this on the website? Sounds like a pathetic excuse to me for something that they haven't really investigated. BTW, I am trying to run XP on a Vista Host (which the website says I can do), and the guest OS is NOT from Dell. It is standard XP!
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