FCP X Does Not Work in Virtual OS 10.8.2

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by rony01, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. rony01

    rony01 Bit poster

    Running Parallels Desktop Mac 8 on iMac running MacOS 10.7.5 Lion (Mountain Lion not supported on this iMac).

    Created a virtual MacOS 10.8.2 Mountain Lion. Running Final Cut Pro X in this virtual Mac has error: Graphics Configuration does not support hardware acceleration which is required to run Final Cut Pro X. The only option is to Quit.
    I do have 3D acceleration ON and Enable Vertical Sync checked.

    But if I take that same Final Cut Pro X and run it in the base Mac OS 10.7.5 I get Graphics Configuration not supported, with no mention of hardware acceleration. However, the program does run and I can use it.

    So it seems that Parallels does not support hardware acceleration. Is there a solution for this?
  2. Specimen

    Specimen Product Expert

    It doesn't support Hardware accel. and there is currently no solution for this, Apple does not give access to the necessary APIs.

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