Feature request: Use relative path names in PVS files

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by drtimhill, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. drtimhill


    I know it's getting toward GA, but I'd like to get this request in...

    I think the PVS files should support relative path names for item such as the location of .hdd files. At present, the PVS file seems to require a full (absolute) path name.

    I think the PVS file should support path names that are relative to the location of the PVS file itself (as well as the current absolute names where necessary). So, for example, simply entering "foo.hdd" will be enough if the foo.hdd hard disk image file is in the same folder as the PVS file.

    WHY do I want this? Simple: With this feature it is easy to create a VM folder that can be moved around and still operate correctly. With the current scheme, if I move the VM folder to a new location, the paths break and need to be fixed in PW before the VM can be executed, which is cumbersome.

    This is a pretty simple change:
    1. PW needs to check each path. If its a relative path (no leading "/"), it must prefix the path with the path to the PVS file.
    2. After editing or browsing for a path in the VM editor, PW should check to see if the absolute path to the PVS file is a prefix of the path to the hdd file (etc.) In this case it can delete the path prefix to make it a relative name.


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