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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by willmc, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. willmc

    willmc Junior Member

    Last night I downloaded the Fedora 7 ISO and went to install it this morning. However, while I've attached the image to my VM's CD drive, the Fedora installer doesn't recognized that the CD drive is there and demands a driver for it. None of the listed drivers appear applicable. I was able to start a network install via HTTP instead, but it seems like I ought to be able to do an install from CD.

    Anyone try this yet?
  2. markhuot

    markhuot Bit poster

    I've gotten the same error, has anyone else had this or come up with a way around it? Does burning the image to a DVD and inserting it into the physical drive make any difference?
  3. darkone

    darkone Forum Maven

    on the Boot: try typing

    linux pci=nommconf acpi=off irqprobe all-generic-ide

    As parallels doesnt support FC7 it may be a case that you have to treat some of the devices as generic. Cant say this will defo work, but its worth a shot.

    If it installs, you'll probably need to edit grub.conf to add the kernel parameters to the booting kernel..

    pci=nommconf acpi=off irqprobe all-generic-ide
  4. willmc

    willmc Junior Member

    Hmm, no dice. I hit tab at the Grub menu to get the prompt, then added "pci=nommconf acpi=off irqprobe all-generic-ide" after the "vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img" that was already there, but it made no difference.
  5. unfletch

    unfletch Bit poster

    I gave up on using the .iso as though it were the optical drive (as you're describing). I ended up temporarily mounting the .iso, turning on OS X's built-in ftp server (from the sharing pref pane), and doing an FTP install.

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