File corruption on mapped Mac drive: how do I file a bug report?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Scott Steketee, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Scott Steketee

    Scott Steketee

    I spent quite a bit of time sleuthing a problem in which H&M (the Help & Manual generator) running on my Vista VM was generating a corrupt help system. (A file nearly 40K in length was being written circularly to a single 4K block on the output drive.) My output directory was on a mapped drive from the host Mac, and it turned out that the solution was to NOT use the mapped drive, but to put the entire project in a local directory on the Vista virtual drive. This solution makes backup more difficult, but a more serious consequence is that it's shaken my confidence in my Parallels VM.

    Since H&M doesn't know whether a drive is a local drive or mapped network drive, it seems more likely that this issue is related to either the Parallels installation or the Vista OS. I now have a workaround, so my interest at this point is to have someone analyze and fix the problem, and keep it from biting other users.

    Unfortunately, I can't see any way on the Parallels site to report a bug. I don't want to pay for an incident, but only to help Parallels engineers trouble-shoot this bug, which I believe should be replicable. I presume Parallels really is interested in information like this. Can anyone with more experience and knowledge tell me who to contact?

  2. marcusS

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    File corruption on mapped MAC drive: With CAD software too

    Hi Scott,

    This indeed is a very nasty bug. I use PCAD to design PCB boards ( electronics) . This is all done on a MAC with Parallels 5 installed. The WIN "partition file" is on the 2nd harddrive in my system.
    I can do a ECO command: Store all changes in Schematics to import them into my PCB file. Then, your design stays 'on track'.

    What I found out is that this ECO file gets corrupted. Very nasty problem.
    What I did is to place all files onto the 2nd harddrive, and not on the primary. Then, all files are modified on the 2nd drive, and my problems are gone. It seems that files swapping between the 2 disks is the problem....

    Indeed you are right, for backup purposes this is horrible: I don't want designfiles on the WIN partition.

    Hope others have ideas / tips & hints. (I am a typical MAC user, so no programmer ;-)

    Cheerio, Marcus
  3. bobm

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    Same thing happened to me

    I was getting weird stuff on my mounted drives, I do a lot of work on the shares (and very little on the main drive).

    I upgraded to 5.0.9344 and the problem went away.

    for what it's worth,

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