"file not found" error in Office 365 / path problems

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm facing an error with accessing files in a windows 10 VM, especially with Office 365:
    • When I want to open an existing Office-file (no matter if Powerpoint, Word, Excel) from my Mac, I get the error e.g. "Microsoft XYZ can't access the file 123." (maybe I translated it wrong - I'm using German language)
    • When I create a new file and want to save it locally in the Win10-VM, Office crashes without error
    • Besides, I noticed in another application (WISO Buchhaltung), that I can not change the paths in the settings anymore - it just offers me to select "root" and no other paths
    • (Further then this: I can not pin icons to the taskbar anymore. As soon as I close the application, the Icon disapears again)
    What I tried so far:
    • Re-installed parallels
    • Re-installed Win10 from iso-image and by selecting in the parallels-wizzard
    • Re-installed office 365 as well as the other application
    • Re-installed Parallels tools
    • Changed the hardware-type from "NVME" to "SATA" in parallel's hardware-settings of the VM
    • Tried to fix it according to: https://kb.parallels.com/en/115026
    These errors are somehow strange. I can reproduce them (even after reinstalling everything) and I know that it worked in the same environment/settings before because I reinstalled Catalina after changing my SSD.
    My current system (in brackets: what changed to the previously environment where it was running):
    • MacBook Pro 13" early 2015
    • Latest Version, fresh installed Catalina (before: updated from Mojave)
    • SSD: Samsung 970 Evo M.2 1 TB (before: original Apple 512GB HDD)
    • Parallels 15.1.1 (47117)
    • Latest Version of Win10
    • Latest Version of Office from Office 365-business-account
    Did anybody suffer from similar problems or has some ideas what/ where to check next? Is it possible that this problem comes from changing the SSD or is connected to some file-permissions in the host-system?

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