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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by bick4d, Sep 21, 2007.

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    If I could figure out how to intitiate an original post I would not intrude herewith.

    My question is simply how can one email a document created in software residing in the VM WXP via the Entourage program set up in the OSX ?

    I wish to avoid setting up another email program in VM WXP like Outlook Express.
    I was able to bring a file into VM WXP and edit it in Microsoft Projects and now I need to get it back into OSX for emailing out thru the Entourage program.
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  2. Hugh Watkins

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    drag and drop it onto the mac dsktop
    save in a a shared folder

    by browsing in google mail
    add attachment

    I did this:-

    enter the file system from the alias
    [C] name of your vm
    on the Mac Desktop:-
    and I found the following path:-

    /private/tmp/291/C/Documents and Settings/your windows user name /desktop/a folder name /an image 00781.tif (or a document)

    both on the MAc OS and in Win XP the desktop folder is personal to each user

    so enter via user name in either file system

    Hugh W
  3. AngryAnt

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    What I have done is share my Projects folder between XP and OS X via Parallels preferences and afterwards configured Parallels to launch the OS X apps for http, ftp and mail when those services are requested in XP.

    This way the file for attachment it seamlessly stored in the XP project folder, the mail address is clicked and the OS X mail app opens and the file for attachment is now available for attachment from the OS X project folder.

    For complete transparency I've placed the Projects folder in my home directory on OS X and in XP I've placed a shortcut to the share in my documents folder.

    However, since I'm paranoid as hell, I have the project folder backed up to another folder in my home directory once a week - just in case windows decides to corrupt my precious files.

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