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    I have a new MacBook Pro with High Sierra OS installed, but for my internship I need to be able to install and use Final Cut Pro 7, which can only be used with Sierra OS and earlier. So, I installed the Sierra OS using Parallels and have been trying to download Final Cut, but keep running into issues. It will not install Final Cut because of these issues: 1. It requires 128gbVRAM and there is 0GB 2. Final Cut recommends a higher resolution of 1280x800 and mine is currently 1024x768 3. Final Cut requires a Quartz Extreme Video Card. Does anyone know if this is fixable? Do I need to configure things differently? Thanks.
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  3. Maria@Parallels

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    Hi, did you try to add VRAM using this article
    And also check the needful resolution from VM configuration?
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    I have a similar situation trying to run Final Cur Pro Studio on a Parallels 12 VM running El Capitan on a Sierra host MacBook Pro. Do the new features in Parallels 14 with improved vRAM support and OpenGL now support the minimum requirement spec for FCP Studio? i.e. Final Cut requires a Quartz Extreme Video Card and 128gb VRAM.

    Note: FCP Studio still runs on Sierra but I understand it will die on High Sierra and above. I also have other legacy apps I need to keep running that need El Capitan, and I now have and El Cap VM running everything I need to keep running except Final Cut Pro Studio. Any help will be appreciated, and if it works on Parallels 14 then I'll upgrade immediately.
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    That solution does not make a difference... Even with the graphics memory set to 2GB, the installer still comes back saying zero VRAM

    The machine supports this software, I know because it ran on the same hardware when I was using an older operating system.. But it doesn't install in a virtual setting. The suggestion by tech support to contact Apple is seriously wrong. Apple doesn't support old apps or old operating systems... Their solution is to buy new, even though old working files won't open with the new software of the same name.

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