First use of Parallels, Windows 10 won't allow log in

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    I am using Parallels for the first time on a new system and windows will not allow me to log in. I am not sure what you need so I am going to give you as much information as I can.
    Brand new Mac mini (2018)
    3GHz intel Core i5
    8GB memory

    I have a install of macOS Big Sur 11.4
    first app installed was Parallels Desktop (currently running on the 14day free trial)
    upon install attempted to open a windows 10 VM
    INSTALLED the existing image: Win10_20H2_English_x64.iso
    When it asks for a license key I dot not fill in the box and simply hit CONTINUE (note its my understanding this is the proper way to install as parallels does not require a seperate windows license am I incorrect?)

    It says "the specified Windows image contains multiple editions" and I chose "Windows Home" clicking through till it begins to install.
    ---this process takes time as expected---
    after installing the first thing is says is
    "SYSTEM" <-- that's the user name
    "The user name or password is incorrect. try again [OK]"
    clicking OK asks for username and password.
    No known password works.
    attempting to reset the password gives a pop up that says, "This feature requires removable media, such as a USB flash drive"
    attempting to use the ADMINISTRATOR log in gives, "Your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator."

    I have tried loading new installs
    opening terminal and using "prlctl" commands return "command not found"
    attempted safe mode but the system did not allow me to use the control panel.

    Please help... I feel like I am missing something very obvious that no other instructions bother to mention.
  2. you need a licenses for Windows to enabling running within a guest of Parallels. I think the later errors are all related to Windows thinking that an unlicensed version is being run.

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