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    Flashing screen - SOLVED

    I am trying to remember if you recently had an update to the iPad or the desktop client for mac. In any case, the last few days, if I select to lock my mac when working remotely (in the mac client), the mac's screen flashes on and off the entire time I am working on the iPad. If I turn that setting off, it works fine, but of course the mac doesn’t lock and whatever I am doing on my iPad is visible to anyone looking at my screen. this was not occurring prior to this week. As a physician seeing patients, I can't have their chart visible as I work on it. So, I have been letting it flash on and off, but that is really annoying. Any way to fix this, or do I need to wait for an update?

    Update 10/22/2013: Helloooo - anyone from Parallels with any thoughts or ideas, this is a big frustration!

    Update 11/14/2013: Finally figured it out. It was a conflict with a fairly popular app called Flux that adjusts your screen lighting "temperature" based on time of day to decrease eye strain. With it running, even during the day with no temperature adjustment, the screen flashes, with it off it doesn't. So, I just disabled it as Access is much more important to me than Flux.
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