Folders/Management of many VMs in Control Center

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac Feature Suggestions' started by DavidK18, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. DavidK18

    DavidK18 Bit poster

    The control center starts getting real cluttered very fast when you have 10 or more VMs, which I do. This is more likely the case for developers (whom the pro version is marketed towards). We need a way to organize the VMs. This could be folders or a filter. I would prefer folders, but would settle for a filter if you also add tagging. For example, I could tag all my "Browser testing" VMs and select that as a filter to show only those VMs.
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  2. W.L

    W.L Bit poster

    For development and testing with more VM's then the control center is very fast cluttered. I prefer a folder structure the same as VMWare Fusion.
  3. AtomicCode

    AtomicCode Bit poster

    Vote +1 for this request for enhancement
  4. JasonD13

    JasonD13 Bit poster

    Hey Parallels Product Managers,

    We run a ton of VMs.... Like a lot! It would be really nice to have a folder ability and allow for carrot expands within the control center UI. Linking current UI and the Apple Finder UI as an example of folder and carrot method.

    current_UI.png macOS_finder.png
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  5. SimonH11

    SimonH11 Bit poster

    Hi Jason

    Like you I run many VM's and would be helpful to be group them in folders, in the same way, you can for VMWare Workstation.
  6. PatrickH67

    PatrickH67 Bit poster

    I also have many, and adding folders or hot keys to filter by tag, or some way to better manage the list would be very helpful.
  7. johnkgibson

    johnkgibson Bit poster

    OMG... I was thinking about this... I wish this too. Here is a mockup which I threw together.
  8. LotusA

    LotusA Bit poster

    My team definitely wants a feature for folder organization as well!
  9. Sporyk


    Currently control center is List view with large or small icons. There is no way to create "folders", "smart folders" based on search criteria, or any other grouping /sorting. The list view is work fine for few VMs but when you have lots of VMs (external drives, NAS/SAN volumes, network shares etc) it become a problem.

    Please think of new UI / UX to manage 10 or more VMs on small 14" MacBook screen. You see what I mean?
  10. ParallelsU1069

    ParallelsU1069 Bit poster

    +1 for this enhancement. Please add.
  11. Carlos Lapao

    Carlos Lapao Parallels Team

    In this release, we have not made any changes to the UI. However, we have introduced a Visual Studio Code extension that enables you to control the state of your VMs through folders, and offers many other features too. You can effortlessly manage and organize your VMs by using the extension to hide or show folders and VMs, making it simpler to arrange them. You can find it here.

    Any feedback would be very much appreciated

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