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    I apologize for the length of this post, but I do not know how to ask the question without explaining why I am asking.

    Earlier today I posted a question asking if I could install Parallels in an external usb 3 drive because I do not have a lot of spare space on my main system. I was told yes, so I decided to give it a try. However, since I did not want to mess up my main system if something went wrong, I booted from a Carbon Copy Cloner backup disk (only 128GB) planning to specify a 2nd usb 3 drive as the location for the Parallels install. That worked, but only the Windows ppm file (11.3GB) ended up on the 2nd drive and the main Parallels space (90GB) was used on the clone drive that I used for booting. That left me with only 6GB of space left on the clone, so I used CCC to clone that 128GB drive to a second 256GB drive and then verified that I could boot from that drive and start Parallels properly. All of that is working properly. Now the question.

    I now have Parallels installed on the initial clone drive and the larger drive as well. I was planning to boot from the smaller drive and uninstall Parallels so I only have one system in use, but if I do that will I run into a licensing issue? That is, the initial installation of the Parallels system probably logged my Parallels app as "in use" when I did the install and if I do an uninstall I assume that will mark my system as no longer "in use". But then if I try to boot from the second larger drive I am not sure that it will work because my license may have been marked as not "in use".

    I am not sure what my alternatives are. I suppose I could boot from the smaller drive, uninstall Parallels, then clone that to the larger drive and then re-install Parallels, but I do not know if that is necessary. I have a single use license and want to stay within the licensing restrictions, but do not know if I can do that by just not using the smaller drive, or if a single license means that I can have it installed on two external drives as long as I only use one at a time. Alternately I suppose I could upgrade (I have version 10) and install the new version on the larger drive.

    I would appreciate any help with what seems to me to be a licensing question.

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