[For Parallels Support] You have a misconfiguration

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by AnonymousBadger, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. AnonymousBadger

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    Your DRM's misconfiguration is denying me access to the product I paid for -- please correct your mistake.

    Had you permitted even the most basic of support avenues to remain in effect to deal with errors in your DRM system, this would not be necessary.

    This message will be reposted several times.
  2. Hello, could you please provide us with a bit more detailed information about the issue?
    Did you get any error message?
    We're looking forward to your reply and will be glad to help.
  3. AnonymousBadger

    AnonymousBadger Bit poster

    I was able to purchase a new copy of parallels, file a support ticket, then get a refund. When my copy was purchased the system seems to have created a new account with my email address rather than associating the purchase with my existing account at that same email address. As a result, I was unable to use my purchase, and unable to file a support ticket.

    The abusive nature of your DRM system is now entirely unacceptable. I am working to eliminate parallels from workflows for myself and my company, and organizations that I mentor. If you want to be a company that ONLY supports a subscription model, then I recommend you show sufficient courage to make that statement. At least then we would have parted on good terms. As it is, I must recommend to any and all that they avoid your company if at all possible.
  4. We're providing our customer with 2 options: purchase permanent license or purchase a subscription.
    We also provide our customers with information how to turn of the subscription auto renewal. Please accept our apologize for the any inconvenience and let us know
    what we can do for you in the future.

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