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    This post is a supplement to the FAQ and Terms of Use; it includes plain-English rules and advice that will help you assemble relevant, readable posts that will contribute to our humble online community.

    This is technology forum, specifically focused on virtualization and even more specifically focused on Parallels solutions. Want to talk about your new machine or how you're using virtualization? Perfect! Want to share pictures of your dog or talk about where your band is playing this weekend? Not so perfect. Send a private message to other forum users or exchange email addresses for this kind of stuff.

    As much as we all love profanity, this isn't the place for it. We have users of all ages and cultural backgrounds here, so please, be respectful of your fellow users.

    Instead of profanity, try going Looney Tunes style (ie, "what were you thinking, you *&^$%$#?"). This is not only effective, but hilarious as well.

    Profanity is automatically removed by our forum-bots. Still, if you get a potty mouth too often (Looney Tunes profanity included), you'll get a note from me or one of the other moderators asking you to tone it down. If you don't, your gone.

    Things can get pretty heated on forum topics. The best advice I can give is "Don't take it personally." People get very intense about their views on technology...if they love Linux distro X and you love Linux distro Y, chances are you're never going to change eachother's mind. Live and let live.

    As with profanity, if we get a complaint that you're getting too personal or overly nasty, your posts will be moderated and you'll get a note from us asking you to play nice.

    Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or just send me a private mesage through the forum.

    Happy posting!

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