Free Update: Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Build 5584 is available

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    Dear Users,

    The free update Parallels Desktop 3.0 Build 5584 is available for download.

    This build provides hotfixes for Drag&Drop and Copy/Paste issues caused by the recent Security Updates on Mac OS X Tiger.

    It also includes these minor fixes:

    - Parallels Desktop installer hanging on some rare occasions;
    - Xorg 1.3.0 in newest Linux distributions (such as Ubuntu 7.10, Fedora Core 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and others) cannot initialize 1600x1200x24 default resolution.

    You can download the update manually here and update your existing Parallels Desktop version (keep in mind that clean re-install is recommended to avoid any possible issues with updating).

    This update will also be delivered by Parallels Desktop Auto-Updater.

    English version of the update is already available, localized versions will be delivered shortly.

    Best regards,
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