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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by soonlar, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. soonlar


    I previously purchased parallels for mac in Dec 2006 with free upgrades. Well now I am trying to upgrade from build 3188 to version 3.0. My license code does not appear to work during activation. Its says this is the wrong license code.

    My question is if I purchased the free upgrades for 1yr option, how do I take advantage of the new 3.0 version with this license code?
    I kind of expected for it to just work and really don't understand why it has to be complicated like this.

    Anyone else experience this problem?

  2. dbinseattle


    I'm in the same situation. I looked back at the email I received when I purchased Parallels, and it says they'll send an activation key for new versions. I hope that happens soon.
  3. valechox


    If you are an upgrade eligible customer, according to Parallels you should receive your new activation code within a week of GA (General Availability) which was June 8.

    In the meantime, you can get a trial key which in theory should work for enough time to get your permanent key.

    Hope this helps.
  4. John Howard

    John Howard

    I am eligible and prepaid a couple weeks ago. Still waiting for my keys...

    However, in light of all the adverse posts, I may not install. 3188 seems to work well and the risks of time consuming adjustments from a malfunctioning upgrade far outweigh whatever benefits I might obtain. I have far too much important stuff in my VM to risk the reported problems stemming from 3.0 - and much better things to spend my time on than restoring all my backups.
  5. valechox



    You can easily back up your vm's and back up your mac in case of issues with the new release....

    I have had no issues with 3.0. Granted there may not be new functionality in 3.0 that warrants the upgrade in a production environment but as I said, I've had no issues.

    Also keep in mind that most support forums allow the worst to surface to the top.

    I'm certain that if you evaluated the total number of installs and the number of posts here you would be surprised.

    I have been reading these forums almost daily for six months....I am convinced that alot of issues that people are having relate to non-standard installs of OSX - tweaked installs, alot of extra sys pref pane items, etc. that kind of thing.
  6. nycruza


    I believe those upgrades refer to upgrades within a particular version!
    What are regarded as minor/fix upgrades.
    Major upgrades like most software companies require you pay an "upgrade" fee.
    Or like in the case of Apple, MS. A new liscence fee.


  7. Floris


    It does not mention particular version. The advertisement, the purchase page and the completed order mentioned : "free FULL upgrade" <-- direct quote from the mails I archived.

    In software world this means not 2.0 to 2.1 or 2.2 to 2.9 This means 1.0 to 2.0 --- full upgrades. Therefor qualifies as 3.0 too. The reason I purchased Parallels back then was to be eligible for these upgrades so I didn't have to worry about pushing more money into getting a few files to work on a Windows env.

    I've emailed a few times and each time I get send from a to b and when I get a person to respond to me the reply is 'contact us - ask for the key' , what do you think I am doing!!
  8. fso


    Same .... I emailed them with a copy of the the original invoice from last Dec stating full upgrade protection.

    I got a reply back that looks like a std reply - saying V3 is a FULL VERSION and ask me to upgrade and order on their website.

    I then replied back again asking them what's the deal with the Christmas upgrade protecton, but have not heard anything since.
  9. soonlar


    Thanks for all of the help and advice on this. It sounds like I should wait a bit longer for the upgrade key for 3.0. I sure hope it comes soon. I really wish parallels would notify its customers of how this is supposed to work so we are not left guessing and posting questions to the forums on such basic things.

    This is probably the last time I purchase the free 1yr upgrades version. It is too much hassle for what its worth right now.

    I sent the support team an email and have not heard anything back yet. Its been a couple days now. I also sent an email to the account executive Kyle Anderson. He sent me an email back when I purchased the free upgrades version and explained back then I should email with any questions or problems with the product. I sent that email 3 days ago. Hopefully I hear something from Kyle or support on Monday. I will post back here when I get an official reply.
  10. valechox


    I will paste below my original "Getting Started" email I rec'd when I purchased the product in January 2007 -

    **********pasted text********************************************
    Thank you for purchasing Parallels Desktop for Mac, the industry's most powerful and user-friendly virtualization solution!

    This copy includes free Upgrade Protection for one year following the date of purchase, which entitles you to receive all major upgrades released during that timeframe at no additional cost. When a new major version is released, you will receive an email to the address you used to register the product that includes instructions on how to download and install the new version, and a permanent activation key that is compatible with the new version.
    ************end pasted text***************************************

    Clearly this states 'major upgrade'. It also indicates that a new permanent key will be provided.

    On this Parallels web page, it states that maintenance customers will receive their new keys within a week of general availability (June 8, 2007 was the release date)

    That seems all pretty clear to me. I'll be waiting for my key.
  11. dippyskoodlez

    dippyskoodlez Bit Poster

    Remember, its the weekend.


    Assuming they operate in the US, friday night->monday morning are prettymuch "OFF" days.
  12. d00d


    Their answer for maintenance customers is to just wait.

    "If you have a maintenance, that include major updates, you'll be
    automatically sent an e-mail with a key."

    Ok, but it hasn't happened yet. I really don't understand why we didn't receive these keys day of release or the days prior.
  13. papplegate

    papplegate Bit Poster

    Yea, my e-mails to support are a joke as well. They keep insisting I buy a new key. My original e-mail states upgrades for a full year. I hope after waiting a week or so I get a new key e-mailed to me. E-mailing support seems to do nothing.
  14. papplegate

    papplegate Bit Poster


    I got my new 3.0 Key via e-mail, so looks like all is good now.

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