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  1. I successfully installed FreeBSD 10 in a Parallels Desktop 10 VM on my MacBook Pro. Then I installed the emulators/parallels-tools from ports yet I see no options for folder sharing or the different view modes (Coherence, Modality, etc.) or mouse integration between the VM and Mac OS X 10.10. Has anyone out there successfully installed the parallels-tools port (version 0.1.2_1) and has file sharing and other Parallels Desktop Tools functions working?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Hi RasakiT,
    Please submit a Problem Report and provide us the ID number here, so that we can check and assist you better.
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    The FreeBSD port of parallels tools simply adds a kernel loadable module for a network device which you can check for yourself by looking at the source in the ports. No other tools are included. I also answered your same question on the FreeBSD forums.

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