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    Freenode IRC Channel ##parallels

    As a long time participant in #macosx on IRC FreeNode, I have noticed a sharp increase in questions directly related to Parallels Desktop for Mac. In an effort to help support the ever expanding community base which is growing up along with the Apple Intel transition, I have decided to start the ##parallels channel. Like all most other channels on FreeNode, this channel will be dedicated to the understanding, and expansion of the selected channels software, in this case parallels.

    I am in no way an expert on Parallels Desktop for Mac, just an enthusiast who uses it daily for work. I am looking for people to help out in the room, and to contribute to the needs of the community. Obviously this channel should support all of the parallels products as well. Unfortunately I have no experience with anything other than the new Mac version, so if you are an experienced user and would like to come help, or if you just have a question, come check us out.

    My only goal by doing this is to expand my own knowledge of the software, and to help others with their own endeavors.


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