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    I have just bought Parallel Desktop 17. After I inputted the key, I entered Ubuntu. However, I cant use it. The mouse cursor is freeze when I clicked into Ubuntu. How can I solve it? I need to utilize Ubuntu for my Final Year Project. Please help me...

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    If you can arrange a USB mouse, use it until you solve your cursor frozen issues.

    Solution 1: Use the Function Keys to Check TouchPad
    If you are using a laptop, check if you have unknowingly disabled the trackpad. Different laptops have different key combinations to disable trackpad using Fn key. For example, many Lenovo laptops use the Fn+F8 key as a shortcut to disable and enable trackpad.If you take a look at the Fn keys, you will see symbols on it. The symbol for touchpad will look like this.
    After you've identified which symbol/key is it, hold the Fn key and Press the TouchPad key. For example: Fn + F5. Then check, and test to see if the mouse works.

    Solution 2: Check Mouse Properties
    Go to the mouse properties in Settings (Control Panel) and check if the trackpad is enabled in settings. Hold the Windows Key and Press X. Choose Control Panel -> "search for Mouse" or choose "mouse". Usually, the touchpad setting is the last tab, it may have any name depending on your device manufacturer such as "Device Settings", "Synaptics", or "ELAN" etc. Click on it, and make sure that it is Enabled.

    Rachel Gomez

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