Freezing up in dual screen mode

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by rob__d, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. rob__d


    If I'm running PD8 while in dual screen mode and the OSX screen saver activates, OSX freezes up and I have to do a hard reset. This only happens while using the external monitor.

    I'm running ML on a 2012 rMBP. The external monitor is connected via the mini displayport to DVI adapter.

    I have already tried updating to the latest build 8.0.18314 rev 813278 Oct 31

    Any ideas?
  2. OneMHz

    OneMHz Bit Poster

    I think I'm having the same issue, but I'm running Parallels 9 (9.0.23062, revision 920702). I think I've only noticed it when in dual screen mode. Doesn't happen every time, but it is very frequently, so I worry about losing work or corrupting the windows install.

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