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    I absolutely love your product! But every since Parallels Desktop 8, Windows 8 and 8.1 would be fine and then after a few minutes begin to slow down to a crawl and then stop completely revealing the spinning wheel of death. After this point the entire system becomes unresponsive and I have to physically hard reset the system with the power button. I am running a MacBook Pro Retina. I have seen this also occur when running Fedora Linux. The problem has not gone away after upgrading to Parallels Desktop 9 with the latest patch. I have tried reducing the number of CPUs available down but that doesn't help. I haven't tried reducing it down to 1 though but I would rather no have to run Windows on a single core. Sometimes what triggers it is me switching back to windows on my second monitor. I run a dual monitor setup with Virtual Machines running as full screen apps on my second monitor. However sometimes it occurs when I am just running Windows with nothing running at all. Just today I booted up Windows 8.1 in the morning and then went for breakfast and when I returned to my room it was frozen and I had to hard reset the MacBook. This is a major problem for me because I can't operate in this environment, especially since I have to use Windows for my university work. Sometimes when this happens, but not always, is the MacBook gets really hot and the fans are at maximum. The CPU temps get as high as 101C. But as I said, not always.
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