French keyboard layout : Caps-Lock not working like it should

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    MacBook Pro mid-2014, macOS Big Sur 11.6 - French keyboard (Not 'Français numérique')
    Parallels Desktop 17 Version 17.0.1 (51482)
    Windows 8.1 - keyboard : French (Apple) - Parallels
    Tech report sent to Parallels : 379660671

    On the French keyboard, with the Caps-Lock key, I should be able to get the accented capitals É È À or Ç.
    Instead it gives me the numbers 270-9 respectively, just like with a simple Shift key. (Same happens with the %/ù key.)

    Other anomalies : ~ (tilde) € \ normally produced with the Alt key, now require Ctrl-Alt combination. (?)

    On the Windows side, the keyboard 'French (Apple) - Parallels' is selected as input method.
    (I already uninstalled and reinstalled Parallels Toolbox, restarted Windows, restarted Parallels, restarted the Mac.)

    No problem whatsoever on the macOS side.

    Everything was working OK with a previous (a bit old) version of Parallels Desktop.
    Stupidly I decided to upgrade my mac to Big Sur and was thus forced to upgrade and buy Parallels.
    I noticed the problem above with Parallels 16 too, just before version 17 was proposed for me to download.

    Any suggestion or help appreciated, thank you & merci.

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